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Autology Data Management Group works with all industry formats to provide the highest quality electronic catalog data services to the automotive, powersports, and medium/heavy duty aftermarket.

We are members of the Auto Care Association (ACA), and proud supporters of the Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN).

Our Featured Services

Data Mapping

'Mapping' is the process of converting supplier vehicle application, fitment, catalog, or part data into a format or formats required by your trading partners. For example, you may have an Excel catalog that you need mapped to ACES or NAPA Parts Pro.

Data Conversion / Transformation

A term often used interchangeably with data mapping, this is the process of converting data from one format to another. For example, you may have an ACES file that you need converted to NAPA Parts Pro, or a database file that you need converted to PIES.

Data Validation

You have a file to send to your trading partner, but you're not sure if it has invalid records, overlaps, or other issues. We can assess your file and provide you with a detailed list of problem records.

Data Entry

If you only have a paper or PDF catalog, and you need an electronic version, you may need data entry services.


You may have one trading partner who requires one set of part numbers, and another trading partner who requires the same data with a different set of part numbers. Or perhaps you have a trading partner who doesn't carry your complete line of products, and another trading partner who does. Let us help you keep all of your trading partners happy while keeping costs low by maintaining one source file.

Omission Reports & Resolutions

Omission or holes reports are handy if you want to know where your catalog is missing vehicle fitment coverage. Or perhaps your trading partner has sent you an omissions report and you need help filling those holes.

Quality Assurance

All files we map are thoroughly assessed to find any issues. We will let you know about the issues and get your help resolving them before the issues carry over into a mapped file. This attention to detail reduces the amount of time it takes for your trading partners to publish your data.

Discrepancy/Error Report & Assessment Resolution

You may have received a complicated discrepancy report, error log, or assessment from one of your trading partners. We can help research and address those reports, and resolve problems by updating your files.

Data Consultation

The process of providing your trading partners with the data they need can be confusing and time consuming. Give us a call if you have questions or just need some guidance.

All Industry Formats

Why We're Different

Our Experience

Each person at Autology Data Management Group has at least 15 years auto parts data services experience, and at least 15 additional years in the automotive aftermarket. We have all been counterpeople. This enables us to view your data as counterpeople view it, resulting in cleaner, fuller data.

Unparalleled Data Review

We review your data closely as we are mapping it. We alert you to any problems we find before the problems carry over into the mapped file. We will eliminate unnecessary duplicate information, and we will alert you to any problems we find.

We spend a significant amount of time up-front preparing the data (something that often is not done by a software tool or our competitors).

Post-Submission Support

If you submit a file we have mapped and there are any problems, we will resolve them immediately. If we map and submit your data, we will address all assessments and reports from your receivers right away and at no extra charge. We are familiar with the assessments and reports of most receivers, and we work closely with their data people to make sure that your file glides smoothly through the publication process.

We Stick By Our Quotes

We will never surprise you with extra charges for services performed while mapping your data.

We're Highly Recommended

We come highly recommended by WHI Solutions, Epicor, NAPA, and our clients - and we have the testimonials to back it up!

Quicker Turnaround

We devote all our time and technology to auto parts data services. We do not sell software. Our focus means that we can turn your files around quicker than our competitors. Our attention to detail means that your file is much more likely to be accepted by WHI Solutions, Epicor, NAPA, or others on the first try.

Your Data is the Star

Your data is the star of the show during the mapping process. One person at Autology will be responsible for your file from start to finish. That person can be reached directly with questions or concerns at any time. Your file does not get passed from person to person at each step.

We Don't Hold Your Data Hostage

We will supply you with the finished mapped file. This allows you to review our work, and you can supply the finished file to whomever you like.

We Don't Automate What Shouldn't be Automated

Efficient mapping processes just make good sense. But a certain percentage of the records in any file must be thoughtfully assessed by a human being who knows auto parts, your data, and how it will look after it's mapped. We don't feed those records to the machine and hope for the best.

The 80/20 Rule

80% of your data will easily make the transition to a new ecat format, and will only consume 20% of the time to map. The other 20% of your data will consume 80% of the time to map because no catalog converts perfectly to a new format.

  • It is this 20% that is incorrectly mapped (or not mapped at all) by less attentive companies.

Fewer mis-mapped parts means fewer lost sales. Our intensive quality assurance process means that you won't lose money due to the incorrectly mapped 20%.

We Review What Isn't There, Too

If there are records from your dataset that didn't get mapped, they are reviewed to determine exactly why. We also review which vehicles in your preferred format didn't get parts to see if we can find a match to your data.