Autology Data Management Group

The Way to Accurate Data

We believe that automotive data manipulated from the perspective of a technology savvy counterperson will always be more accurate than data manipulated from the perspective of a computer programmer who has never sold an auto part.

Autology Data Management Group

Who We Are

Autology Data Management Group was founded by partners with extensive auto parts sales and data services backgrounds. In fact, among them the partners have over 50 years of auto parts sales experience, and over 45 years of auto parts data services experience.

The aftermarket auto, powersports, and medium/heavy duty parts environments have changed, and your customers have changed. Once upon a time, your customers bought auto parts from a knowledgeable counterperson whose career spanned many years. Counterpeople were well versed in how cars work, why they break down, what parts do what, and what parts go where.

Today, most counterpeople have little experience with cars or parts, and the best counterpeople are quickly promoted to positions away from the counter. Or your customer may be bypassing the parts store altogether in favor of the internet.

Your data must be presented as accurately and clearly as possible for your parts to get sold.

We began our careers as auto parts counterpeople. We believe that parts data manipulated from the perspective of a technology savvy counterperson will always be more accurate than data manipulated from the perspective of a computer programmer who has never sold an auto part.

Autology Data Management Group has the knowledge and experience to ease the transition to industry standard electronic catalog formats while preserving (even improving) the integrity of your data.

Testimonials From Our Clients

  • Autology has been nothing but helpful! The prompt, courteous service has certainly left an impression. Autology's services have been fantastic, and I look forward to a long relationship going forward.

    Seth WheatonFCS Automotive International Inc.

  • I believe in you guys and trust your work. You are my "go to" when we need catalog data input.

    Cheryl CameronCambro

  • There is nothing more important to us than our data. Autology came highly recommended by a number of sources, and delivered the project on-time, on-budget, and error free. What more can I say? They are the best in the business.

    Zack KanterPresident - Proforged Chassis Parts

  • I would like to applaud Autology for their commitment to our project on our new line of BatteryTender® Lithium Powersport Batteries. The need for mapping in the ACES format was immediate; Autology obtained the parameters we and our customers needed, asked follow-up questions, then provided us with what we needed in the time frame they promised. Great Job!

    Mike HingaSales Manager - Deltran BatteryTender

  • We have found the service and end product that Autology provides to be invaluable. Partnering with Autology allows us an economical solution to maintain a business model that keeps us ahead of the curve in today's technology driven markets. Autology has consistently shown us that they understand the wide world of data while keeping the customer's needs in focus.

    Jeff HillisCo-owner - ThrottleX Batteries

  • With our industry continuing to move towards PIES and ACES data management, Autology has been our "go-to" company for all those needs. Their quick response times, efficient and (always) accurate work and exceptional customer service make them top on our list of vendors to work with. Autology easily manages all of our customers "special" requirements, delivering exceptional work and great service.

    Jill WilliamsonProduct Manager - IDQ Holdings, Inc.

  • Courtney handles our data and our needs with incomparable precision and care. She knows her business and meets her deadlines… and she's a sweetheart of a person to boot. If you have automotive data needs, USE AUTOLOGY!

    William GatesAustin Baker Industries, Inc.

  • I always enjoy working with Autology Data Management Group. They respond to emails and requests very fast and stick to their delivery dates. They also stand behind their work after data submission. I highly recommend Autology Data for your data service needs.

    Lucy ZhaoDrive Tech America

  • I have had the pleasure to work with Autology several times during the past 1.5 years - and have always been extremely satisfied with their work. They are very professional, detail oriented and responsive to all of our company needs. I highly recommend them to anyone needing electronic catalog data services.

    Scott BocquetVice President - CAP America, Inc.

  • Working with Autology has always been a pleasant experience. Proper data formatting can always be a challenge. Working with Autology takes the challenges away and makes it a much smoother process. Autology always does a wonderful job and I highly recommend working with them for your data needs.

    Rob BarkleyDirector of Sales & Marketing - US Auto Parts

  • Autology's support in getting our data mapped to ACES was invaluable. The information was accurate and professionally delivered well within the promised time frame. The ongoing service and support has been without fault. I highly recommend anyone requiring data mapping to use Autology.

    Marc AlmelehCateran Inc.

  • Since 2008 we have used Autology for all of our mapping needs. They have provided us with excellent service, prompt follow up and our projects are always on time. If you are in need of electronic catalog data services I would highly recommend them.

    Ron SieversSales Manager - AUS Injection, Inc.

  • We have worked with Autology over that last several years to ensure the smooth and accurate delivery of our catalog data to our trading partners. They are easy to work with, communicate well and do fast, quality work.

    Rob WrightManaging Director - Undercar Express LLC

  • Some time ago, we were asked to submit catalog data to a potential retail partner in 'ACES' format. Not only could we not do this, we didn't even know what it was. A quick search lead me to and subsequently to Autology Data Management. The folks at Autology are friendly, professional, informative, and most of all responsive. They skillfully guided me through what 'ACES' is and the process by which my data could be converted to this format.

    I couldn't be happier with the relationship that soon developed, the result of which is a constantly growing presence in the retail market. A market that was closed to us before meeting Autology. I can't recommend this group enough.

    Pat BowenIT Director - Dahmer Powertrain, Inc.

  • The Valvoline Company has worked with Autology Data Management Group on a first ever, complex project for a key retail customer over the last year. Autology Data Management Group helped us to exceed our customers' expectations and produced a dramatic business success for Valvoline. I am grateful for their technical expertise, and strongly recommend them.

    Dr. Dave TurcotteTechnical Director, OEM - The Valvoline Company

  • WHI Solutions feels confident recommending Autology for data services. They've been a champion of ACES and always deliver quality data. We've had nothing but excellent results with Autology data submittals.

     WHI Solutions

  • I have been working with Autology for sometime now. I can't thank them enough for the accuracy in the work that they do, and their response time in getting things done. Their follow-up is great. They are always quick to respond to any questions I have.

    Thank you for all you do!

    Kathy VallerieProduct Analyst - Carquest Products, Inc.

  • I'd like to thank the folks at Autology for doing such fine work for us. I can always count on them to complete their work on time, within budget, and present the results in a professional and comprehensive manner. Autology has done a great job mapping our AAIA Legacy data to the ACES format. They have been extremely conscientious and diligent in every aspect of our project assignments. Their team of professionals are friendly, and easy to work with.

    Autology has consistently exceeded our expectations, and gone the extra mile for us. We consider them one of our 'A Team' service providers, and an integral part of our electronic data program.

    Mike PostleDirector of IT - GB Remanufacturing, Inc.

  • Autology is always there to turn my data into accurate information that can easily be shared throughout the industry. Their stellar service makes this happen in a flash every time!

    John H. RohlingVice President - Enterprise AmeriSeal, Inc.

  • As a relatively small Brake Rebuilder, we must rely on outside sources for our electronic cataloging needs. It was a very frustrating and confusing situation until we began contracting with you folks.

    We have been extremely happy with your service with regard to speed, accuracy, pricing, and communications.

    R. C. "Spider" CroftPresident - Stewart & Riddle

  • Autology provided error free NAPA Parts data on time. They gave exceptional customer service by supplying additional reports and tools to assist us in improving the accuracy and consistency of our databases.

    Bruce StoneProduct Analyst - Hayden Automotive

  • Overall, Autology Data Management Group does a superb job for us. They finish our projects in an excellent manner. They analyze our data, listen to our suggestions, and offer their knowlege to us. Their customer service is A+ rated! We at Pronto/Dash4 are highly satisfied with our business relationship.

    Richard ChengPronto/Dash4 Brakes

  • We have been using Autology for 7 years now, and they have shown nothing less than great personal service, accompanied by a highly accurate and quality product. I have recommended them, and will continue to do so, to our friends in the industry.

    Mike ComeauCo-Owner - FineLine Fuel Systems, Inc.

  • I recently used Autology for my catalog updates and to convert formats. They were professional and prompt and walked me through the whole process. They even went to bat for me with one of the publishers on data formatting issues. I will definitely use them again.

    Scott FarrellPresident - Shee-Mar, Inc.

  • I used Autology to convert our company catalog into the ACES format. They are professional, and always provide prompt service. Most important of all, the data they mapped for us was highly accurate. I am grateful for their service, and strongly recommend them.

    Tina ChenMarketing Specialist - DEPO/Maxzone Auto Parts Corporation

  • Autology Data Management Group made our data transition into the ACES Database Standard a painless, hassle-free process, with minimal input from our personnel. Autology took the time to explain the process up-front, and made what was portrayed by other vendors we approached as a 'black-art' into an easy, painless procedure.

    If you are looking for a fast and simple database transition, Autology is the logical choice!

    Nigel P. NunnOrange Electronics, USA

  • Autology made the integration process with Activant efficient and hassle free. We were able to integrate the entire process in a week, with minimal work on our end. Thanks Autology!

    Mike SullivanPresident - Mishimoto Automotive

  • As the president of C & W Industries, Inc. for the last 25 years, I've dealt with many companies and individuals. Autology ranks with the top. Their speed, efficiency, and industry knowledge is tops in the industry.

    Norm WolbromPresident - C & W Industries, Inc.

  • Great service, good price!

    Ryan YingVP of Sales, NTP & UUU - CRS Remanufacturing

  • It's been a couple of years that Autology Data Management Group associated with the CSD. Within a short time Autology has proven their AAIA / NAPA / Activant / ability and commitment with the Mapping services to CSD.

    Services from Autology are affordable, accurate and they always honor the due date. We highly recommend them to anyone for their data management service.

    Derick SchleiferCatalog Manager - CSD International

  • Our company used the services of Autology, and I can honestly say that I was very surprised at the amount of first hand knowledge they have about the auto parts business related to cataloging and data. We will definitely use them again for other new projects we have.

    Arthur TorikianVP of Sales - Chassis Select

  • For Stewart & Riddle Brake, Autology's mapping expertise paid off in dollar savings and also produced a more precise electronic catalog than one previously produced by a well known competitor.

    Given our printed catalog data in 100% exact same format as was Autology, the competitor's finished product was not finished, requiring many additional man hours responding to thousands of records clarifying omissions, duplications, exceptions that cannot be uniquely defined etc. Thank you Autology.

    Don SorumSorum Sales & Service for Stewart & Riddle